Below are a few examples of our work:



A Shredder Discharge Chute for the New Integrated Incinerator Facility.

The Discharge chute and collection hopper was made in 6 sections. Total weight 8.9 tons.


Kerrow Dhoo Reservior Water Authority.

Valve tower bridge built at our works in 6 sections complete with airless spray paint corrosion protection. Refurbished the valve tower and replaced all valves and equipment.



Main duct work for sludge treatment plant.

IRIS Treatment Plant, Meary Veg, Santon, Isle of Man.


Our purpose built factory at Springham Park , Springvalley Industrial Estate, Braddan, Isle of Man.



Ronaldsway Airport Re-Fuelling Facility, for Shell UK Oils.

We were the M & E main contractors installing tanks, pipe work, pumps and equipment and electrical fit out.