Our Engineering Services

Here is an outline of the companies activities:

Our clients consists of utility’s for the Government
F.M.A at Tromode, work on the new meet plant and the old abattoir.
Water Authority at Tromode on filtration’s plants reservoir mains and equipment.
Isle of Man creameries, on plant and equipment.
Kenmac Controls specialised weld on Sub-sea valves and production items.
Shell U.K.Oil we have just completed the new fuel facility at Ronaldsway Airport, and a major overhaul on the Heavy Fuel oil tank at Manx Petroleum plus all there maintenance on a yearly contract.
Douglas Gas/Manx Gas contract work and maintenance 10-year testing..
D.o.T. repair work. & Contract works.
DOLGE testing works, installation of scaffolding tie system, window cleaning fall arrest systems, and testing. Architectural Metal works.
MEA testing and contract work on Peel Power Station and Pulrose.
Highways Authority Approved to carry out the manufacture and installation of road vehicle barriers through out the Island.
DHSS approved to carry out steam and condensate mains at the New Hospital.
Water Authority at present refurbishing Kerrowdhoo Reservoir renew valve tower equipment, new access bridges and walkways.
Past contract consists,

MEA Installation of all engine and alternator sets at Pulrose and Peel Power Stations, Cooling water pipework and equipment at both stations. Oil treatment plant at Pulrose Power Station.Fuel pipework and boiler flat lifting equipment.
Assembly of skid units for fuel oil and lube oil centerfuges, jacket water-cooling modules, to include pumps high and lower warning alarms, pressure differential controls filtration units.
All walkways and platforms.
Shell UK Oil Modernise Manx Petroleum, Pipework and walkways on the ships jetty including fire fighting equipment, Tank reallocation of products, tank overhauls, new Ronaldsway Airport refuelling Facility, Formula Shell and L.R.P. installation for the North West and the Isle of Man.
Harbour Authority; work on the link span, work on the new passenger overhead walkway.
All the decorative lighting in the passenger departure lounge at the Sea Terminal.
Testing of all the equipment in the new meat plant Tromode.
Douglas Gas supply all labour to build the new gas plant on South Quay.
Calor Gas build 2 new plants at Port St Mary and Ramsey.
DOT all stairs and handrailing at the New Airport.
DOT Manufacture and install all vehicle cash barriers on the South Quay Development.
Modification of the Battery Pier Gas plant for Manx Gas.
Supply and Installation of the lifting steel work in the New Cheese plant at the Creamery.
DHSS Supply and install steam and condensate mains in existing laundry.
Water Authority Impounding Reservoir Remedial Works at Kerrowdhoo.

Our welders are coded to EN287-Pt1 1992/A: 1997 in the following processes.
TIG, MIG, AND MMA for stainless steel, aluminium, and carbon steel including alloys of.
Our fabrication shop consists of 3500 sq. Ft new in February 2001.
We also have a testing division for hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of vessels and pipework as well as testing lifting beams, equipment and supply of lifting gear, web slings, chains blocks etc.

Our Company will have been established in the Isle of Man for 32 years this February 2002 and we hope to carry on for many more years carrying out specialised work for the benefit of the Isle of Man and its workers.